DELTACO e-Charge, cable Mode2, Schuko - type 2, 6-8A, 4+1,5M

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DELTACO e-Charge charging cable, Schuko for type 2, 1 phase, 1.8KW, 4m + 1.5m, black

DELTACO e-Charge EV-1227 charging cable fits all vehicles with a Type2 socket for those who want to charge via a standard wall socket of the type Schuko so-called mode 2 charging. Charging power up to 1.8KW. Adjustable charging current between 6A or 8A. Silver-plated connections guarantee good contact and long service life. The Type2 connector is equipped with dust protection to protect against dust, dirt and moisture during storage. The cable control box has a built-in earth fault circuit breaker type A.

The cable is made of a TPE material that provides good resistance to oil, abrasion and UV light. The cable is also flexible in cooling. Type 2 sockets are today EU standard, cars from manufacturers e.g. AUDI, BMW, Hyundai, KIA, Mercedes, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Tesla, Volkswagen, Volvo all use Type 2 sockets.

The charging of the car is monitored through a two-way communication between the car and the control box. When the cable is connected to the car, a self-test is performed which ensures that the cable is correctly connected and that the car is ready to receive power, before charging begins and the control box energizes the cable, the plug in the car is mechanically locked.

Protection rated according to IP 66. The cable control box has a built-in earth fault circuit breaker. In the event of a ground fault, the power is switched off. After charging, unlock the car so that the mechanical lock opens and remove the plug of the charging cable.

Extension cables must not be used. The cable must not be repaired or spliced ​​as this may affect its safety and function.

• Certification: TUV 2 PfG 1908
• Adjustable charging current between 6A or 8A
• Cable: EV07EE-H, 3G2,5mm² + 1x05mm² + EV07EE-H, 3G2,5mm²
• Classification: IP66
• Weight: 2.15KG
• Working temperature: -25 ° C - + 55 ° C
• 3 year warranty

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