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The following instructions below is about the guarantee in a clearer way than the purchase conditions applies to the guarantee.


Warranty clause

Products who got included accessories like batteries and headphones, the manufacturer’s warranty applies, which may be shorter than the main product's warranty (three months as short).

The guarantee means that we will replace or repair the wrong product within the warranty period.

The guarantee applies from the date you bought the product and includes manufacturing and material defects. 

Attritional wear is not covered by the guarantee

The same way the guarantee does not apply in case of damage caused by accident or carelessness (mishandling the product).

The guarantees do not cover errors or changes caused by the owner.

The guarantees do not cover by damage in transport, wrong voltage, lightning stroke or theft.

The guarantees do not cover the costs for assembly, traveling etc.

If the fault on the product fails to be execute, Teknikproffets has the right to replace the product with a new one or with equivalent performance without asking the customer.

The manufacturer’s possible extended warrant is handled directly by the manufacturer. We are happy to help you with contact information for each manufacturer.

We are following the Consumer Purchase Act’s recommendations for guaratee on new products. All repairs are performed by the respective manufacturer. It’s the same conditions as if you bought the items in a retail store. 

The manufacturer has three attempts to repair the product before they are required to replace it.

The manufacturer guarantee cannot be transferred to another party, it only applies to the person who is on the receipt/invoice.

Teknikproffset do not replace the loss of data information on any warranty and service issue, it’s the customers responsibility to do a security backup.

If we value that a product is not affected by defects covered by the factory warranty, the product is returned against shipping cost for the return and return shipment of 100 NOK incl. VAT.

If you want to reclaim a wrong product, read more about it under Complaint.

Receipt/Invoice must always be presented when using the guarantee agreement, shall constitute cause for to be released from responsibility to fulfill the agreement.