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Technaxx FMT100


Technaxx FMT100

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    Technaxx FM Transmitter with MP3, USB, with remote control, 87.5-108.0 MHz, SD Card, black

    Are you tired of being restricted to commerical radio stations only when you're out driving" With the help of an FM transmitter you can play what you want, whenever you want to play it. Directly from your phone.

    FM Transmitters are a cheap and powerful alternative solution to cars that don't come with AUX or Bluetooth. Simply plug the transmitter into your cars 12V cigarettee lighter socket and tune your car's stereo to the frequency of the transmitter and you've instantly created your own personal radio station to jam along to your favorite tunes along the ride.

    If you live in an area with a lot of radio stations, chances are that some frequencies are already in use by other stations. Fear not, the Technaxx FMT100 allows you to change the active broadcasting frequency with a click of a button.

    • Supports SD Cards, SDHC Cards, USB Drives
    • USB and audio connection (connection MP3 / MP4 devices)
    • Supports MP3 and WMA formats
    • Direct reading of the data (SD cards, USB port)
    • LED display shows frequency information
    • Full frequency selection (87.5 - 108.0 MHz)
    • Storage possibility for frequencies and music titles
    • Rotatable device axis for comfortable use
    • Fashionable and appealing device design
    • The device starts with the last saved values ""(frequency, volume and track number)

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